Moving, with a little help from eCLP

I’m in the process of packing up my apartment in preparation of a move into a new house. It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate when you live in a place for almost 9 years! This process of packing and cleaning and getting everything ready to move from one place to another place 5 minutes away is just miserable. Never will I be one of those super-organized people for whom packing is a breeze (do those people even exist?). As I’m writing this, I’ve reached the point in my packing where I’m kind of ready to just chuck everything and start from scratch. And while I’m normally a library “super user,” the thought of accumulating anything else, even a library book or DVD that I can return, makes me feel a little ill. Because of this, I’ve been relying more heavily on our e-resources than ever. Here are a few things that are making my life easier these days:

Overdrive: I could write a love letter to Overdrive. I use it when I want to take some books on vacation, can’t decide what I’ll feel like reading, and don’t want to weigh down my already too-heavy suitcase. I use it when I want to read a book that is a bazillion pages long while commuting by bus to work. And this week it’s helping me read as much as I want without adding more bulk to the piles of things I still have to pack.

Zinio: This has been one of my favorite resources since CLP started subscribing. Like Overdrive, it lets me feed my magazine habit without checking out a physical object. Since we decided to move, my focus has shifted slightly from Star and In Touch to Dwell, Do It Yourself, and Elle Decor.

Hoopla: This resource is actually one I hadn’t used before, but in the week or so since I discovered it, it’s been kind of life changing. The thing is, I have two kids under the age of 5 who are eager to “help” pack. Not much distracts them from their (admittedly sweet) urges to do what I do, but watching Caillou videos on my iPad does the trick.

What resources from eCLP do you love?




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2 responses to “Moving, with a little help from eCLP

  1. Have moved 17 times – different countries and just facing 18th move downsizing back to home in UK – know how you feel – the other issue is we keep moving things that never come out of the boxes! Good luck and happy new home.

  2. Pl

    Merry Christmas to me! Delighted to discover your site! I just moved 6000 miles ( to the East Coast and back to the West Coast) – packing, purging, donating, divesting myself of hundreds of books – well-loved, well-read- well-gone, girl now…the bonus being your introduction to eclp! Thank you! I am your new best friend. Cheers!

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