Outside Activities

I wasn’t very good at summer as a kid. I have fair Irish skin (I have ALL of the freckles and wear SPF 50 sunblock marketed to babies). Getting dirty was not my idea of a good time. My neighborhood was the typical super hilly affair found all over our region, so riding bikes was more of a chore than fun. My idea of playing outside was reading on the back porch. I was outdoors, what more did those people want?

An accurate depiction of my childhood. Photo via Historic Pittsburgh.

Little has changed. You’re very surprised, I’m sure. Here’s a few of the books that will be keeping me company on the back porch for the rest of the summer:

Girls at the Kingfisher Club – A spin on the Twelve Dancing Princesses tale, set in Jazz-Age Manhattan. Need I say more?

We Were Liars – This is a pick from my book club, but I’m excited to dive into E. Lockhart‘s new one (I really loved The Disreputable History of Frankie Laundau Banks). Two generations of families who vacation together. A mysterious accident. Supposedly a doozy of an ending. I can’t wait.

Hidden – What happens when the wife and the “work wife” finally meet? In the hands of Catherine McKenzie, I’m sure it’ll be good.

Sous Chef: 24 Hours on the Line – My non-fiction selection. I like being able to peek behind the curtain and check out jobs I’ll never hold. Chef in a fancy restaurant is certainly one.

– Jess



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3 responses to “Outside Activities

  1. I liked this little blurb – especially when I read it in conjecture with this guardian piece: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/jul/16/its-time-we-gave-our-children-permission-to-get-outside-and-get-dirty


  2. We had the same childhood. It’s gotten worse the older I get. You want me to go where?! But the sun is shining, it’s hot! No thanks, I’ll be over here in the shade reading. I really want to read The Girls at the Kingfisher Club – I was obsessed with the twelve dancing princesses!

  3. For more dancing princess love, go grab the anthology “Glitter and Mayhem” and read the first story. By then, of course, you’ll want to read the rest of them!

    Leigh Anne

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