Burn and Sand

It’s summer. It’s hot. For whatever reason two of the things that I’m currently obsessed with are heat related. That’s right, you guessed it… the wildly under-rated TV show Burn Notice, and the Sci-Fi trailblazer and classic Dune.

dune book






Do these things really have anything to do with it being hot out? Well, you be the judge: Burn Notice takes place in Miami, Florida. Dune takes place on the water-barren sand planet formerly called Dune, known as Arrakis. Both hostile environments, to be sure (but there is way more water in, and around, Miami…and more Cuban food, too).







Of course Burn Notice is a TV show about a spy, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. I mean, Bruce Campbell (yes, THAT Bruce Campbell, of Evil Dead fame) is in it. Right there you know it’s a winner.

The famous film adaptation of Dune is something I’ve yet to dig into, but I’m sure it’s worth it. I mean, it was directed by David Lynch and features a young Kyle MacLachlan, so armed with that information you know what you’re getting into. For now, I’m quite happy with Frank Herbert’s book.

So if you want to learn about a yogurt obsessed spy who really, really wants his job back, Burn Notice is right up your street. However, if the political machinations of a far-away sci-fi world is more your taste, check out Dune.

Check out either one (or, like me, both!) of these HOT sounding titles.

Eric (who is currently eating a lot of soy yogurt, or as his wife calls it…”spy food” while wondering if home-made stillsuits will make the scene at the next local handmade arts fest)


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5 responses to “Burn and Sand

  1. ~xtian

    It’s mad blowy Winter here. Penguin country (shameless Linux punt).

    I saw your mention of Dune and ignored the rest. Lynch hated it, Jodorowski never made it, and it’s my favourite sci-fi film. Watch it in blown five point one calibre big speaker sound.

    You won’t see your film review for the floorboards.

  2. I totally wanted a stillsuit the other day on my run. Bleargh.

    Mega-points to ~xtian for reminding me how awesome the documentary “Jodorowski’s Dune” was….

    Leigh Anne

  3. Beth L

    I’ve enjoyed Burn Notice though as it wound down the end was kind of predictable. Still, the relationship of the 3 main folks was great, Sharon Gless is awesome and the voiceover is campy fun. Loved Dune in both versions though it’s been many years…

  4. Thanks for the comments, Beth L! Yeah, two great tastes! ha!

  5. The next time they cast for a Dune production, I think Jeffrey Donovan might make a great Duncan Idaho!

    Great post!


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