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Assassin Nuns

A couple of days ago, I was involved in a gathering of library workers to discuss reader advisory. During the discussion we were each tasked with finding ten different books in different genres and then asked to describe at least one of the books we selected. One person started off describing a book as “about assassin nuns.” Of course after hearing that I was intrigued about the book she was talking about. And then I discovered that I had read the series! I had read the first two books in the series and was excited that someone else was recommending the books, which then prompted me to write this blog. It’s a great series and has a bit of danger wrapped up in it as well. The series I’m talking about is the “His Fair Assassin” trilogy.

Gave Mercy book cover

All three books are about young girls and women who are left at a nunnery because they are orphaned or in bad home situations.  The girls are trained by nuns to work for Mortain, the god of death. The first book in the series, Grave Mercy you may have heard of or read before, because it has been mentioned by another Eleventh Stack poster.

dark triumph cover

The second book in the series just came out last year and is titled Dark Triumph. Although some characters are repeated in the second book, the story can stand alone. This is also what makes the trilogy great. It is possible to read (and enjoy) one or all three…well almost all three.

The author, Robin LaFevers has written the third book, but it hasn’t been published yet. It comes out this November, and I am certainly looking forward to it. So, if you like the idea of assassin nuns, give this series a shot.



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