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This past Monday the displaced West End staff was called back to our library to begin the process of re-opening. Originally I was going to mention this fact mainly as a way to introduce the topics of  spring cleaning and renovations, and to highlight all of the amazing things you can do now that the weather is starting to cooperate. However having spent the last week with my old co-workers, kneeling on dusty floors, opening boxes of books with screwdrivers and realizing we can only find boxes 6,7,10,15,20, and 23 of non-fiction I decided I wanted to make this post about something else.


It isn’t often you find yourself working with people that you would actually be friends with outside of the office but at CLP – West End that is exactly what we have. Walking into our awesome new building on Monday didn’t feel like walking into work. It felt like coming home. Remember the first day of school? When you ignored all the work that laid ahead and focused on the familiar  smell of the lunch room and the sounds of laughter that filled the halls…. you weren’t worried about your classes or your teachers. In that moment all you cared about was reconnecting with old buddies, sharing your summer stories and feeling like you belonged. That was our Monday. As this week has come to a close we have opened PLENTY of boxes, we have cleaned and shelved with the best of them; but we have also gossiped about our lives, made jokes and had a great time. And the dork in me can’t help but think this is what Harry had to have felt every year when he got on the train to Hogwarts.

A work in progress.

A work in progress.

We are still working hard and we will be for the next few weeks. You would be amazed at how difficult it is to get the entire collection back on the shelves. Every day we get a little bit closer and we know we will soon get to see all our patrons and friends from the neighborhood.  Our official celebration is scheduled for Saturday, May 17 from 10 am to 2 p.m. We will have activities for all ages, our awesome librarians will be around to talk about the upcoming programing and, of course, there will be cake. So stop by and check us out; we’re all family here.




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