No big deal, just changing lives…

Next week is National Library Week. The theme this year is Lives change @ your library and as you can see from the sweet header, the honorary chair is Judy Blume (You don’t get much cooler than Judy, right?).

We love that we’re the people you turn to when you have questions. We’re information junkies around these parts and live to spread the news. But we really love when we can match you up with the right book. No lie, we all mentally high-five ourselves when you stop in and let us know that you tore through the book recommendation from your last visit.

This year, the very clever folks in our Development office have put a focus on the later…

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Beginning next week and through May 16, we’re hoping that you’ll consider making a donation to the library and sharing what book has rocked your world in a big way. Each branch will host a cool display of your choices.

Some staff picks from my branch:

  • Charlotte’s Web. This is why I’ve been a vegetarian since childhood.”
  • Into the Wild. Because I hate it that much. But it was really important for me to learn how to dislike a book the right way.”
  • The Giver. I can’t remember how old I was when I first read it, but I do remember that it was first time that a book actually meant something to me.”
  • The Handmaid’s Tale – it opened up the world of dystopian literature for me.”

We can’t wait to see what books changed your life!

– Jess


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4 responses to “No big deal, just changing lives…

  1. Great theme! I just wrote about this for National Reading Month in March:

    I spent so many hours at libraries as a kid, taking home big backpacks full of books, devouring them as quickly as I could. A library is like a safe space for me. I look forward to reading people’s stories, too.

  2. natalie

    I don’t just hate Into the Wild…I hate ALL that it represents… the writing is good … but the person …the stupidity…oh it kills me…to this day…YEARS later to think about it

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