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The Ripper

There are times where certain stories or topics continue to be replayed and rewritten over and over. Sometimes it is easy to pass up the remakes and retellings because they are not as good as the original or because it is easy to become tired of the story. One story that I enjoy seeing retold and remade is the story about Jack the Ripper. I find the story especially interesting because there is still so much speculation about what actually happened. Recently, I watched a movie and read a book about this story.

I requested From Hell  from the library because it was a telling of Jack the Ripper and if I must be honest because Johnny Depp is in it. Released in 2001, and based on Alan Moore’s graphic novel of the same name, this film takes the point of view of a clairvoyant police detective during Victorian Era London. Throughout the investigation, the inspector (played by Depp)  has to deal with his dreams and addictions while trying to prevent more murders from happening. It is an interesting way to portray the drama and fear that surrounded the city at the time.


The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson is the first book in a series. The entire series is not based on Jack the Ripper, but this first book is. The tale involves a girl moving from Louisiana to London and learning about the area and everything that a different culture entails. She also learns that she can see ghosts. Using historical information and adding a new sense of adventure to an old tale.

Hope that these two titles will give a new taste to an old idea.



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