Series Beginnings

I recently received a listing of “Books to Look Out For” for the upcoming year. So of course, I immediately requested all of the books from the library (I like being able to cross books off a list). I found it interesting that all of the books on the lists are the first book in a series. I picked the top three that I’ve read off the list because they are good reads and even though they are new, and readers will have to wait for the upcoming books, it is a worthwhile wait. And if you can’t stand the wait, most of the authors have other series and books published.

Hidden Cover

     Hidden by Marianne Curley is about a young girl that has been sheltered all her life. She starts out being home-schooled but finally convinces her parents to let her go to the public school. During her high school career, strange things begin to happen in her town. She tries to convince her parents to talk to her about her past. What she discovers is more than any sixteen-year-old should have to handle. The book is a quick read and an enjoyable book to start off a series that has a lot of potential and many possible directions to take.

Linked Cover

    Linked by Imogen Howson is about a young girl who lives on another planet. She has been sick for as long as she can remember, receiving images in her head she believes are hallucinations but that cause her physical pain and leave marks on her body. She soon discovers that the hallucinations are actually a link to her “spare.” The tale is fascinating and well imagined. Set in a time of space travel, Elissa gets to experience adventure, while learning more about herself, and what others think are right and wrong.

Rush Title

     Rush by Eve Silver is a story about a girl who’s life becomes a “game.” Miki is pulled from her life, and must work with other kids to beat and kill the enemy in an alternate reality. She must learn how to play the game and learn how to trust her instincts so that she will survive both in her “normal” life and while she is working in the “game.” It is a fascinating story and a new idea of a dystopian style novel.



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7 responses to “Series Beginnings

  1. Thanks for the book suggestions! I’m requesting them from my library now!

  2. Thank you for the list – all of these books sound right up my alley, and I will definitely be checking them out :)

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  4. Well it’ll help all of us out here ! Thanks :)

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    Books to watch

  6. Sounds interesting, especially the first one. It’s description has a lot in common with the opening of my next novel, except my heroine is forced into public schooling. I might see where they take their story.

  7. Thanks for the suggestions! I’m always looking for the next read. :)

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