When Three Makes A Crowd

The Internet brings many wonderful things, and it seems with each passing day and week more opportunities arise from its bounty. The last couple of years web sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have made it possible for socially conscious entrepreneurs and go-getters to launch businesses and fund projects they otherwise never would have seen to fruition. This crowdfunding phenomenon changes all of the rules, making the entire online community into potential angel investors! Gravity Light marked my most recent foray into crowdfunding support, and I cannot wait to receive my finished product sometime later this year.

Business ventures, books, games, movies, and music rank among the most common project types realized with crowdfunding, but many others exist as well. Today we’ll highlight three resources that will bring you up to speed on what crowdfunding is and how you can get started in it. Even if you’re a wily veteran of previous online campaigns, you might still learn a new trick (or two) from these great sources!

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