Re-Reading Ender’s Game Just in Time for Déjà Vu

Be honest. Do you read teen fiction? It’s okay–loads of adults do.

Of course, opinions are like…well, there’s no shortage of opinions on who should or shouldn’t read or write young adult novels and why. At this point most folks have caught on, and are rushing to create lists of YA books you should read for summer. winter, spring, and the end of the world. NPR even had a go.

So from my vantage point at CLP Teen–Main, I understand when adults come looking for a title and share, with a look of I-can’tbelieveI’madmittingthis, that they’re totally hooked (me too, friends). One adult YA addict wrote:

…there’s an undeniable nostalgic lure. Reading YA, unlike consuming other forms of entertainment that are rooted in the past–movies that are remakes or origin stories of long-established comic-book heroes, for example–reminds me of the person I used to be rather than the things I used to be into.


If any of this describes you, you’d be in good company at the Déjà Vu book club! On the third Saturday of each month, we dig in to teen titles that have been in print for years, and opening up worlds for us for just as long. Whether your first reading of these books was with a flashlight long after “lights-out,” or trading pages for a sleep deficit on a work night, these are the books that made a mark on you. Maybe the tragedy of a good bildungsroman (or maybe just John Green) renders the age of the main character immaterial for you. Perhaps you just like a good romp through a glitter-covered version of 1980s L.A. where wishes come true, though not without consequence.

Next Déjà Vu Book Club: the Hugo and Nebula Award-winning Ender’s Game!



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4 responses to “Re-Reading Ender’s Game Just in Time for Déjà Vu

  1. I never heard of the Deja vu books club, this could be something interesting for me. There is no age limit for art, I think. I’m a digital artist creating landscapes and backgrounds for a new comic that is about kindness and respect. Comics are “ageless” too.

  2. gatergirl96

    I read what my teens have on their summer reading list just to make sure it’s okay for them to read. When both of my kids were in 6th grade on their gifted summer reading list they had to read The Hunger Games Series for the up coming 7th grade year. So, I read it before they do this past summer it’s was the Divergent Series.

  3. Ender’s Game is on my reading list. Hopefully I can get to it soon! It’s certainly received a lot of fanfare!

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