Book Club Bonanza

The nice thing about book clubs is sometimes you’re forced to read a genre or author that’s outside of your regular ‘safe zone.’ And sometimes you can force the other people in your group to read the stuff you like (turn about being fair play and all). I’m in two – one with some friends that started as an excuse to get together and eat a lot, but has produced some really interesting conversations about YA books (these things happen when you mix at least two English majors and someone who studied Philosophy); and a new one with some work friends (they’re making me read a mystery, which isn’t one of my go-to genres).

If you’re looking to push yourself a bit in the new year, have I got something for you. I’ve compiled a list of the book clubs that CLP is offering throughout the rest of January and the first bit of February. There’s options in almost every neighborhood and taste. Check out the links for time and date information!



Downtown and Business

Hill District


Main (Oakland)

Mt. Washington

Squirrel Hill

Woods Run

– Jess

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