A New Year A New Book…..Maybe

I was recently trying to start a new book, and realized that I was having trouble reading it because I was still not over the previous book that I had just finished. The previous book was one in a trilogy (the last one) and I had finished the year off by finishing the series. It seemed like a good idea to write about the trilogy since I enjoyed the books so much, that I’m now struggling to start a new book into the new year.

The trilogy is called the Gem Trilogy and it was originally written in German and then translated into English. The first book is titled Ruby Red and is a great beginning to the story. All the books have mystery and intrigue in them and follow a young girl named Gwen Shepherd. In the first book, Gwen discovers that she has the time traveler gene and now must learn how to be prepared for traveling into the past.

Ruby Red Cover

     The second book in the trilogy is Sapphire BlueThe mysteries deepen in Sapphire Blue as Gwen continues to discover her abilities and everything that is required to travel in time. She learns lessons about some people she works with, and begins to discover whether or not she can trust herself.

Sapphire Blue Cover

    The final book in the series is Emerald GreenIn the conclusion, the truth is finally discovered and Gwen learns to trust her instincts. The story ends well, with a little bit of  a cliff hanger, allowing the readers to decide whether to be content with the ending or the ability to imagine the life that the different characters lead.

Emerald Green Cover

     Overall, the series is full of questions that can keep a reader glued to the book. I think that if a person enjoys time travel, then they should pick up this book and discover all the ways time can overlap itself.



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4 responses to “A New Year A New Book…..Maybe

  1. I would really love to read this series! Awesome post :)

  2. marydekokblowers

    Reblogged this on Book Reviews by Mary DeKok Blowers and commented:
    This looks fascinating, and fun like The Time Traveler’s Wife. Hope to get time to read this one.

  3. Melissa M.

    This is an excellent series. I have recommended it to adults and teens alike!

  4. gatergirl96

    I will have to look this series up. It sounds interesting.

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