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Gadget Labs: Try Before You Buy

Lately I’ve been having a good time exploring all the features on my new cell phone. Although I’m not exactly cutting-edge when it comes to adopting new technologies (this behavior is also known as “being cheap”), the devices I’m interested in eventually reach a price point where it’s worth my while to make the purchase and start fiddling around with them.


If you’re interested in e-readers, smartphones, tablets and the like, but don’t have much experience with them, you’ll be happy to know you can explore new technologies risk-free at one of the Library’s December Gadget Labs. These programs are designed to let you explore the range of available devices out there, and try them on for size before making a commitment.  You’ll also have the chance to talk to library workers who are really familiar with the various products, and can explain how you can use them to connect to the wide range of digital services the Library offers (including books, music, and magazines).

Here’s a list of upcoming Gadget Lab events:

Saturday December 14th

Gadget Lab: Try Before You Buy

1-3 p.m., CLP – Hill District

Tuesday December 17th

Gadget Lab: Try Before You Buy

6-7:30 p.m., CLP – Lawrenceville

Thursday December 19th

Gadget Lab by Appointment

2-3 p.m., CLP – Main, Job & Career Education Center

To make an appointment for this session, call 412-622-3133 or e-mail jcec at carnegielibrary dot org

And if Santa happens to surprise you with an unexpected technology gift, you should definitely take advantage of the Open Gadget Lab on Friday December 27th. No appointment necessary – just bring yourself and your gadget to the Job and Career Education Center between 2 and 4 p.m.

Keep an eye on this blog and the Library’s Events Calendar for more opportunities to get some one-on-one technology training from your friendly neighborhood library workers. If you can’t make it, but still have questions, be sure to check out our many other help options, which include e-mail assistance as well as a variety of handouts and tutorials you can peruse if you’re the DIY type.

‘Tis the season to be tech-savvy, so don’t be a stranger!

Leigh Anne


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