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Pittsburgh, a Newcomer’s Perspective

It has been a little over three years now since I moved to Pittsburgh. I’m happy to report that my homesickness is abating, enough for me to recognize and appreciate some things I’ve come to like* about living in this city.


View from Grandview Avenue, Mount Washington

  • WQED, FM 89.3. Twenty four hours of classical music; the station back home is classical only during the day.

  • The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Yes, I work here but even if I didn’t, I’d still be using it all the time for free books, ebooks, and music, not to mention free music performances and lectures.

  • The somewhat more temperate climate and longer growing season; I come from the Great Lakes state, and it’s much colder there longer.

  • The walkability of life in a big city; I love that I can take public transit or walk downtown, which is less than 3 miles away from where I live…

  • In Chatham Village on Mount Washington, an historic garden cooperative that is like living in a park.


Chatham Village, Mount Washington

  • The lower cost of living, from food to housing to car insurance.

  • It’s only two hours to Lake Erie, which I visit every year for my Great Lakes’ fix.


Lake Erie

  • Since Pennsylvania was one of the original thirteen colonies, it’s in the heart of many historic sites in American history, a joy for this history lover.
  • Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, a professional ballet company; I’ve been attending their wonderful performances since I moved here.


*There are a few hassles: expensive annual car inspections are required; you’re not permitted to buy alcohol in drugstores or supermarkets or even by mail; and initial driver’s license & car registration applications are done in two different locations. But, hey, no place is perfect, right?


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