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Werewolves, and Vampires, and…..Lawn Weenies?

In honor of Halloween, I started doing research about different styles of books and different stories that would be scary or good reads for the holiday. I found the normal variety of stories that included werewolves and vampires, but I also found an interesting collection of short stories that provide an alternate to other Halloween tales. The following books are the ones I found interesting and relevant for the holiday, but be warned: I tell you what type of tale each book is in the description, so if you don’t want to know what the book is about then don’t continue reading.

13 to Life, by Shannon Delany, is an interesting take on a werewolf story. It does not take the typical point of view about werewolves and it contains an interesting storyline. This is the first book in the series, and I’m looking forward to reading more. The story is about a girl dealing with the loss of her mother and a changing personal world in a small town. The main character is easy to relate to and has qualities that I think a lot of young female readers exemplify. It’s a good book to pick up if you enjoy reading series and like werewolves.

13-to-life book cover

Bloodline, by Kate Cary, is a vampire tale. If you like the original Dracula by Bram Stoker, you would probably enjoy this book as well. The story is about the continuation of Dracula’s bloodline, and how a young woman and young man try and stop it. The story uses some lines and background from Bram Stoker’s Dracula and that makes the story interesting, because it continues the story instead of jumping hundreds of years into the future and starting a vampire story from scratch. Overall, it is an interesting story, however it is written in the form of diary entries and letters; if that type of writing is bothersome, then I wouldn’t read it.

Bloodline Book Cover

Gravediggers: Mountain of Bones by Christopher Krovatin is a zombie tale. This is the first book in a series. The story is about three students who go on a nature trip with their school and how the save the camp from zombies. That of course is the most basic and general line for the book. The book is written from each student’s perspective. It’s a tale of making friends and dealing with changes in life and learning more about who each character is to his or herself. I definitely got sucked into the story and how the kids were going to deal with the challenges they faced.

Gravedigger Book Cover

In the Land of the Lawn Weenies by David Luba is the book that can’t quite be defined by only one type of tale. The book is a collection of different short stories that are all a little creepy and scary. It’s a great book for a quick read, but beware not all the stories have complete endings. Most of the short stories let the reader decide exactly what happened in the end.

Lawn Weenies Book Cover


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