Once Upon A Fairy Tale

To close out our blogging week, say hello to Abbey, our third new team member. Once a month you’ll get Abbey’s perspective on books, reading, libraries, and other pertinent things.

I have what I would call a healthy obsession with fairy tales; I find the ways in which authors interpret traditional tales fascinating. Some rewrites are completely different and some are very similar to the original story. Fairy tales have also always fascinated me because of the purpose for which they were first written. Many were originally written as warnings for the children who heard the stories, but as time has gone on, the fairy tales have more often come to be fun and fantastical tales for children.

While I was wandering around Main library I happened upon the Once Upon a Time series in the Teen section, and I fell in love with the books. Here are some that I particularly enjoyed.

Snow, by Tracy Lynn, which is a retelling of Snow White.

The Diamond Secret, by Suzanne Weyn, which is the story of Anastasia.


The World Above, by Cameron Dokey, which is a retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk.


There are many others in the series, but these three were my favorites. If you like one, though, you could easily like them all!



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3 responses to “Once Upon A Fairy Tale

  1. Kevin

    Funny thing. I did not know that many fairy tales were rewritten into silar but different takes. I wonder how many versions of a tale exist, for example Snow White?

  2. lizzy

    I sort-of remember that Red Riding Hood has about 3 or 4 global versions–including one from China. I also think fractured fairy tales are very interesting–usually told from a different character’s point of view.

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