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Stress! And Some Books to Help You Cope.

Here is what happens as you get older: every year seems to bring more changes than the last.  Change can be a trigger for depression, frustration, stress or it can lead you to joy and growth.  You do have choices!  Lately I’ve been giving change-related stress the what-for by trying some new books (or diving back into some old favorites) to help me cope. If you are feeling like you could use a little kick in the pants when it comes to dealing with change and stress, then we have the book list for you.  It’s not the run of the mill self-help list, so don’t run away screaming just yet.

Sometimes, even Ryan Gosling loses it. (Photo courtesy of abreakfromcrazy tumblr)


If you can find happiness, stress will be no match for your positive attitude!  Get seven practical tips in The Happiness Advantage.  The author has been featured on NPR and also has a great TED talk on the subject.

This is How by Augusten Burroughs is the self-help book for people who don’t read self- help books. I adore this book. Listen to the audio book for some no-nonsense advice , straight from the author’s mouth.  Augusten says: “Do not wait for the healing to arrive. It will never come. The holes will never leave or be filled with anything at all. But holes are interesting things.”

The Art of Happiness  is one of those big, big, popular books, that has helped countless people. Can the one million + people who read this book be all wrong?  Try it for yourself and see.


Work with your brain to make it work for you!  The research-based techniques in Meditations to Change Your Brain can get you there. Meditation has been proven to be an effect stress-management tool, so check out this audiobook today.

If you want to deal with the stress that accompanies change, exercise and eating right are can’t-fail solutions.  The no-bones, science-based tome: Which Comes First, Cardio or Weights? will help you start some healthy habits with surprising and interesting anecdotes.  For example, did you know that you can lift more if you swear, or imagine yourself committing an evil deed?  How fun is that?  Now get out there and fight back against stress!



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