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Re-Reading Dune

Dune_cover  Like the swallows’ annual return to Capistrano, it must be time for me to read Frank Herbert’s Dune again.  This time around I am reading the ePub version.  Once I am done I just may move on to read one or more of the much maligned Brian Herbert prequel novels.  I’ve heard and read bad things about them.  Anyone care to chime in with something positive about them?  I am drawn to the Butlerian Jihad because I find human computer concept of Mentats very interesting.  I can be sold on these if anyone is willing to try!

Meanwhile, NoveList counts Ursula K. Le Guin as a possible read-alike for Dune.  I confess that the novella “Nine Lives” is the only Le Guin I have read.  You can find that story here.  Would she be a good follow-up to try after polishing off Dune sometime in the next week or so?  Dune‘s tone is tough to match.  It feels like hard sci-fi, but it possesses hazy borders that allow in all sorts of fantastic stuff like mental powers, transformational mutations, and the fulfillment of Paul’s terrible purpose.  If this post moves you to share an author whose work flows along the same wave lengths as Mr. Herbert’s, I’ll be much obliged!



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