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A Sonnet for the Spellmans

In honor of my favorite book series, Lisa Lutz‘s The Spellmans,(sorry, Dresden Files and Song of Ice and Fire), I have written a sonnet. Yes, me! The 30-mumblemumble-year-old who just learned to somewhat appreciate a few poems has now written one.

Shall I compare thee to any series?

Thou art more beloved by me than most books.

Why this is so I have many theories

And forever in me you have your hooks.

Thou art far more witty and have more heart

Than so many books before you I’ve read.

You are wacky, wonderful, you are smart.

Reaching the end of you I do so dread.

Lisa Lutz, your author, is wise, ’tis true.

Relationships and family struggles,

Love, grief, regret, hilarity make you

Enthralling for some books full of Muggles.

You are dear to me, Spellman family.

Devoted to you, I will always be.

There are six books in the series so far. The most recent, The Last Word, came out earlier this month.The books are about a family of private investigators who live in San Francisco. Izzy, the main character, is not really where she’d like to be, but has no idea where she’d like to be. Rae, her younger sister, is a little too into private investigating. David, her older brother, is a straight-laced lawyer, frequently embarrassed by his family. Since Spellman Investigations is a family business, Izzy works for her mother and father. The supporting characters like Morty, an octogenarian who’s Izzy’s lawyer and friend, and Henry Stone, a cop who both Izzy and Rae get very close to, add to the charm and honesty of the books.

I wrote about Trail of the Spellmans in our Best Books, etc. 2012 post and The Last Word will definitely be one of my favorite books of 2013. The series is usually one of the first things I think of when people ask me for a book recommendation and they’re one of the few books I read over again.

The Spellman Files  Curse of the Spellmans  Revenge of the Spellmans

The Spellmans Strike Again  Trail of the Spellmans  The Last Word

If you’ve never read the series, do so immediately if for no other reason to see what could inspire me to write a poem.



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