Once Upon a Mattress,* a True Story

I hate shopping. But I enjoy having nice things. I simply dislike spending my time shopping when I’d rather be doing other things. I even dislike grocery shopping, which is odd considering how much I love to eat good food!

But does anyone enjoy shopping for a new mattress? It seems like it should be fun, right? Like buying a brand new car or  sheets for your bed. But it’s also a very expensive purchase, like a new car (and some sheets) so, if you’re like me, you worry that you won’t like it after you’ve laid out the dough cash. And, like new cars and sheets, mattresses are not returnable!

So it was with great trepidation–okay, let’s be honest here, dread–that I had to buy a brand new mattress this month. When I moved to Pittsburgh three years ago, it never occurred to me that the movers wouldn’t be able to get a queen-sized mattress upstairs. The stairway was so narrow they had to bend the mattress while my husband sawed apart and then hinged the box spring.

Like a good librarian, I looked up information in Consumer Reports–which the library owns in both print and electronic formats. Once upon a time, CR didn’t review mattresses; only how-to-shop buying guides. They’ve begun to evaluate them again but, personally, I don’t put much faith in brands. What’s most important is how a mattress feels.

And, happily, I discovered that they sell hinged mattresses so that they can be carried upstairs easily.

This story has a happy ending. When we finally went shopping on a sunny Saturday afternoon, we had the entire store to ourselves so we were free to take as long as we wished in order to find the best mattress.

The moral of this story (and any shopping adventure) is do your research, stay calm, and take your time.

~Maria who, while greatly relieved to be happy with her purchase, must now go shopping for a new washing machine.

*With apologies to Mary Rodgers, creator of the musical of the same name.


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8 responses to “Once Upon a Mattress,* a True Story

  1. Ruth

    Glad you found your mattress. U hate shopping for appliances. Big purchases and you are stuck with your mistakes for a long time.

  2. Maria Elena Murguia

    If you are looking for a new washing machine I highly recommend a top loader. Do not get involve with a front loader. Good luck!

    • Thanks for reading, Maria Elena! I have always owned front loaders (except in this house) & loved them. Less water use, gentler on my clothes, & better cleaning all around. Sorry you haven’t had good luck with them!

  3. Sara

    where did you end up getting your mattress?

  4. lizzy

    My problem is I end up with “analysis paralysis”–too much analyzing and too little decision-making. Have to know when enough is enough and just take action!

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