CLP Business Research Tools Have You Covered From A to Z

CLP now has you covered from A to Z when it comes to online business and company resources.  Twice.  That’s right, we now subscribe to two database products featuring the catchy name A to ZA to Z Databases and A to Z World Business.   Let’s first spend a moment on the latter product,  A to Z World Business.  Here’s the summary from our web site:

Gauge the risks and rewards of potential investments by using this resource to locate detailed country data on business and trade, current economic climate, statistical rankings, and taxation. Discover whether to kiss, bow, or shake hands during key cross-cultural negotiations. Import or export with confidence after securing detailed trade-compliance information. Find data from the best international organizations-Ernst & Young, The World Bank, World Trade Organization, and others.

If you travel for your business, or are looking to import or export goods, then this product will be worth a look.

If you’re familiar with our two longtime business search products Reference USA and Dun & Bradstreet’s Million Dollar Database, then you’ll love A to Z Databases!  This exciting new company search product combines the higher download capacity of D&B with an easy to use search interface that allows you to access vital data on 47 million U.S. businesses, 220 million individuals, and 2.3 million available jobs.  The product also allows you to easily isolate lists of healthcare professionals (1.1 million included) and new businesses (2 million at the time of this posting).

Both of these products will appear in our Alphabetical Listing of databases from our Articles, Databases, & More link on the front page of the CLP site.  They’ll also show up in the appropriate Business & Investing sub-lists.   If you find yourself getting confused about which is which, just try to remember that A to Z World Business deals with international business stuff (think “world” = international) and A to Z Databases provides you comprehensive company and other listings (think “Databases” = companies).

Should you encounter any issues with using either of these products, or any other database, you can always Ask A Librarian, and we’ll get you sorted and searching in no time!


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