A Non-Fiction To-Do List

While Aisha has been trying to get more fiction in her diet, I’ve been making an effort lately to read some non-fiction books. I like learning new things, so this shouldn’t be that hard, but I keep reaching for more fiction…

I’m currently working my way (slowly) through The Creation of Anne Boleyn: A New Look at England’s Most Notorious Queen, by Susan Bordo. Part biography and part cultural history, Bordo unpacks what we think we know about the infamous queen. Turns out,  Henry destroyed nearly all of the traces of Anne from the royal palaces in a clean sweep right after she died. Most of the remaining information came from Eustace Chapuys, who served as the Spanish ambassador from 1529 until 1545. As you can guess, he was on Team Katherine of Aragon, so he’s really not the most trustworthy of sources, but his letters have lasted the longest.


Homeward Bound: Why Women are Embracing the New Domesticity is the crafting commentary I’ve been waiting for.  I’m 100% serious. After being disappointed by Handmade Nation, I’ve been on the lookout for something that digs deeper into some of the socio-economic reasons behind the movement toward crafting, cooking, gardening (and blogging about it).

I’m thinking that Consider the Fork: a History of How We Cook and Eat will read very much like Bill Bryson‘s At Home – exploring why the way we eat has influenced new tools and vice versa. And I do want to know why it took so long to figure out the dang’d fork.


I’m a Chuck Klosterman superfan. I Wear the Black Hat: Grappling With Villains (Real and Imagined) is a collection of essays on villains from Darth Vader to Hitler to some kid he knew in 1985. If anyone can figure out why we root for the villains and anti-heroes, it’s Klosterman.

What’s on your non-fiction to-read list?

– Jess, who totally took book 3 in the Outlander series on vacation


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4 responses to “A Non-Fiction To-Do List

  1. Eric

    That Bryson book you mention is fantastic! Makes me want to check out the fork book! Great post.

  2. Val Sanford

    Reblogged this on Sotto Voce.

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