No Fiction, I Cry

A couple of nights ago, I found myself in a very scary position: I had no fiction in my apartment to read. Yes, I had books in my own small personal library, but those were books I had already read and I don’t reread books. (So why I own them is a mystery.) I had just finished reading a book for a book discussion and wanted something just for fun. I went to my stack of library books and was dumbfounded to see absolutely no fiction. I had quite a few non-fiction titles on subjects like writing, eating healthier, creative thinking, and other self-improvement topics, but no fiction. I double-checked. Triple-checked. And then sat on the floor in disbelief at what I had done. I had no fiction.

But, I work in a library so only had to get through one night before I unleashed myself upon the shelves to see fiction what I could find! Here’s what I picked up:

Clearly     Gulp     SourceofLife     SweetTooth

Clearly, I Didn’t Think This Through: The Story of One Tall Girl’s Impulsive, Ill-conceived, and Borderline Irresponsible Life Decisions by Anna Goldfarb. Okay, so I broke my “MUST GET FICTION!” rule right out of the gate. This is not fiction, but it sounds like something I could have written so I had to grab it.

Gulp by Mary Roach. Again, not fiction, but it’s Mary Roach!

The Source of Life and Other Stories by Beth Bosworth. It’s a collection of short stories; I am me, so, of course.

Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan. I’ve never read any McEwan (Gasp! But I have seen movies based on his books). I just really like the cover and the concept. I hope it lives up to my vague expectations.

Tales From Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan. This is actually for a book club, but I already started reading it and am in love with it so don’t mind one bit.

I hope I learn a lesson from this and keep a closer eye on what books I have at home. I don’t ever want to be caught without a fiction title in my apartment again.



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12 responses to “No Fiction, I Cry

  1. Looks like a good list of non-fiction reads. I’ve been meaning to read Gulp. The author was at an event, but I wasn’t able to go.

  2. Gulp and Sweet Tooth were both really good and I love Mary Roach! I read Stiff when I was working in the hospital as an undergrad, sure made me look at things differently!

  3. Eleanor "Serene" Mendicino

    I am so much the same way, I usually have about 20 books out of the library, some of them nonfiction and some fiction. I have to admit that the if go through the fiction a lot faster. When I find that I’ve read all the fiction and need to just relax, I have a secret stash of yard sale paperbacks that get me through the night if need be. They are also good to take on trips because I don’t have to worry about loosing them and can leave them behind when I go home. I know that my fiction reading is a way for me to escape the real world and go to a better place, but I am expanding a bit and venturing into those books where there is still some messy life portrayed and not always a happy ending.

    • That’s a good point. The nonfiction I get usually does take longer to get through because it usually includes exercises or steps to take and I can’t just read it quickly.

      It’s good to branch out. Some of the best stories don’t have happy endings.

  4. Aisha, if you get an e-reader, this won’t ever be a problem. I love print but I also love my Nook for situations just like this! :)

    • Having an e-reader would help me in this situation, but there’s not even a tiny part of me that wants one. I would rather suffer the horror of not having any fiction to read than read on an e-reader. Maybe someday that mindset will change, but for now, I want paper!

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  6. I’m the opposite, I have too many books just sitting waiting to be read but no time to read them all..

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