Being Fine About Not Being Any Good

I am only one kind of crafty and it’s the kind that gets people to make things for me, not the kind where I make things for myself. Last year, I was given a sewing machine and some patterns by a friend. That’s all I have to say about that. I don’t have the needed attention to detail and patience I think is required for knitting. My fingers are too unwieldy to do anything like origami. I had resigned myself to not being an artsy-craftsy person. Until I discovered that I am an amazing painter.

When I say “amazing”, I mean there’s no screaming and I like it. And by painting, I mean paint-by-numbers and rock painting. During Christmastime last year, I went shopping with my niece with the intent of buying her a book, but we ended up buying three paint-by-numbers kits and a rock painting kit. It took some time to finish the paint-by-numbers, but I was so happy when it was finished.

Look at my art! (It's a sorcerer.)

Look at my art!
(It’s a sorcerer.)

Then I moved onto rocks. I’ve only done two so far, but I’ve noticed that there’s something incredibly soothing about painting a rock. There’s also something incredibly soothing in accepting that I am not a master artist and will never be. The painting isn’t about creating a masterpiece (rock). It’s not about me making some beautiful thing; it’s about me making some thing. It feels so great to create something that I’m thinking about breaking out that dusty sewing machine and making something that may be so horrible I can only wear it when I’m alone.

So if you’ve been wary or unwilling to do something because you think you’re not going to be good at it, join the club. Then read a few books or dive right in with no instructions and join the other club where we knit or paint or sew and make something that may be not so great, but is all yours.

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8 responses to “Being Fine About Not Being Any Good

  1. Nice art! I love your paint by numbers!

  2. Eleanor "Serene" Mendicino

    As a perfectionist, I totally understand what prevents us from trying something new; however, the calming effect of imersing yourself into a craft or art is something I find nowhere else. Keep after it!

    • That’s true. I’m drawn to it now. I’ve taken the pressure off myself to do it well because just doing it is enough.

      • mal

        I took knitting lessons (a few) for my 50th birthday. I’ve finished hardly anything and like you I eventually realized that “just doing it is enough”. I’ve knit and ripped out and knit and ripped out, and I just like knitting and other handicrafts. I also picked up a few adult connect the dot books (remember those?) and find them so soothing and fun at the same time.
        CLP has a great collection of crafts books of all sorts and I always check out what’s new when I stop at the main library.

  3. lizzy

    Next year I hope to see something in the Staff Art Show. That’s what it’s all about!

    • My first thought was, “Ha, ha, no.” Then I thought, “Well…” Now I’m thinking, “Maybe.” I don’t know how many people would want to see poorly but happily painted rocks.

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