Veterans of the Format Wars

All that remains.

All that remains.

Once upon a time the Main library had over 3,000 movies* on VHS tape, but now we’re down to the last few stalwart survivors – less than fifty in all. Our remaining feature films on VHS (with one notable exception**) are movies that are no longer available on DVD, were never released on DVD, or are hard to find in any format. Here are a few highlights from this tiny collection, for your amusement.

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* For comparison, we now have over 9,000 movies on DVD – roughly 7,000 in English and 2,000 foreign films. That is amazing.

** The notable exception is a VHS copy of “Dial M for Murder.” Of course we have it on DVD, but this one brave tape has been checked out five hundred and eighty-nine times since 1993. It deserves a permanent home.

– Amy


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12 responses to “Veterans of the Format Wars

  1. Greg

    At our library, we finally got rid of VHS last summer. Except for (I believe) a couple of locally-produced history films that haven’t yet been transferred to DVD. There just weren’t enough people checking them out to justify all the space. Now we’re looking at getting rid of the books on cassette.

  2. Dan

    I can’t believe that the Rutles aren’t on DVD yet.

  3. Our library rids itself of vhs on a regular basis as well. I’m aware of all the reasons why we do this… I still think it’s sad but, I tend to feel that way about a lot of things. :-)

  4. I first saw The Rutles at a Chicago Beatlefest. Hilarious spoof about the Beatles’ story, with an appearance by George Harrison!

  5. Love how you kept Dial M for Murder. On the day the library decides to retire it, it should be put in a plaque and hung on the walls for all to see.

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