Well Isn’t That Special

Music Special Collections at the Main Library

special collection

noun Library Science.

a collection of materials segregated from a general library collection according to form, subject, age, condition, rarity, source, or value.

Dictionary.com Unabridged

Music and culture existed in Pittsburgh before the arrival of the Internet.  Music Librarians collected and preserved the music history of the region found on newspaper and magazine clippings, concert programs, and the like.  In those days, musicians and music lovers attended music events and played music using sheet music, much like they do today.  The big difference is the way things were published, the way information was transmitted, the type of music that was popular, and the formats available for recorded music. Here in the Music Department, we’ve worked to preserve that history for years to come.

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Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Music Special Collections are not as extensive as the special collections of the music division in the Library of Congress, but we have our share of great resources.  Most of our collections have a Pittsburgh connection, each collection has its own (sometimes quirky) history, and each deserves a blog post of its own.

Here is an overview of our major collections:

Click for a full list of CLP’s Music Special Collections and sheet music collections.

Librarians in the Music Department are happy to discuss questions concerning personal collections of music-related materials.


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  1. My very first job out of college as a music major was as music librarian assistant at the headquarters of the St. Louis Public Library. I frequently assisted the reviewer for the Post-Dispatch in finding scores for upcoming concerts. R.I.P. Frank Peters.

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