Classic Sci-Fi In A Cutting Edge Format

While prepping to conduct an introductory class on eBooks and eReaders, I was perusing the eCLP site and was reminded of the link to the awesome free content on the Baen Free Library web site.

baen logotransSmall I can still remember that classic logo from my childhood trips to the library and the dearly departed Waldenbooks.

Some of my favorite authors grace Baen’s free offerings: David Drake, Andre Norton, and David Weber all know their way around future wars on far-flung worlds.  So once I finish the eBook version of Larry Niven’s Flatlander, I plan on diving into some of these awesome free offerings.

Let us know if anything from Baen, or just from the authors mentioned, jogs your Sci-Fi memory!



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2 responses to “Classic Sci-Fi In A Cutting Edge Format

  1. lizzy

    Glad to know about this. When I graduated from college (and reading zillions of classics) I spent the first year reading mostly science fiction.

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