Confessions of a Wanna-Be Doomsday Prepper

You wouldn’t think, to look at me, that I worry about disasters as much as I do. I seem normal enough, I don’t belong to any organizations (religious OR political) that believe The End is Near, I highly doubt there’s going to be a zombie apocalypse, and you wouldn’t catch me dead wearing survivalist gear. So what’s a nice girl like me doing flirting with doomsday prepper-dom?

I blame my amygdala, the warrior princess of the limbic system, which processes emotions, and doesn’t respond well to logical arguments. It’s complicated, and you can learn more about how it works in one of the many, many books we own on emotions and the brain, but basically, it boils down to this: you have to give your lizard brain something to do so it won’t hijack your logic center and ruin your day. In the case of my prepper tendencies, I’ve found that teaching myself a new skill makes my amygdala feel like it’s doing something to thwart apocalypse, and while it’s happily pre-occupied, I can go about the business of regular life!

Here are a few skills I’d like to learn in 2013, for science, and also, just in case…

Gardening. We moved into our house too late last year to do anything major with the back yard, but this year, the sky’s the limit. Tomatoes! Potatoes! Herbs in pots! Besides, having lots of plants back there will slow down any zombies that might come crashing through the fence (seconds can count in a zombie war).

Start with: The Virgin Gardener, Jonathan Edwards


Canning and Preserving. There’s something about the thought of neat little jars of tasty things, lined up in a row in the basement, that warms the cockles of my heart. Also, since I hate to waste food, the canning project dovetails nicely with the gardening project. Canning, experienced pros tell me, requires patience and attention to detail, also good skills to refine, impending doom or not.

Start with: Food in Jars, Marisa McClellan.


Martial Arts. Wait, what? Although it may seem like quite a leap, learning a new physical skill is actually also a great way to train the mind, and become calmer in stressful situations. Who couldn’t use that, right? I’m actually drawn to aikido, with its emphasis on peaceful defense, and concern with the well-being of the attacker. But before I make a spectacle of myself in a public class, I think I will practice at home with some library books first.

Start with: First Steps in Aikido, Wendy Walker


I feel so much better now that we’ve talked about this. What kinds of irrational things do you worry about, and how do you keep your fears at bay? What useful skills do you have that would make you the hero/ine in an emergency situation?

–Leigh Anne

mostly joking, but still irrationally afraid of zombies


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18 responses to “Confessions of a Wanna-Be Doomsday Prepper

  1. Love it! I do garden and can my produce, but the martial arts would be a leap for me…I’m going to learn how to knit this year. Never know! If the world collapses, I’ll be snuggly warm in hand-spun yarn :)

  2. My husband shares your fear! Me? For some reason, I’ve always been afraid of ending up homeless; why? I grew up in a penny-pinching household but I was never hungry so I don’t understand it. This is why I’m super cheap & thrifty & save a lot of money in hopes that I never run out. And I make sure to never live beyond my means, even when I get a raise or pay off something, I stash the cash instead of spend it.

  3. This came up in my blog reader today, so at some point I must have followed you. This is awesome. And hysterically funny. Awesomely hysterical? Anyway, loved it!

  4. aikidoshoshin

    Best way to learn aikido is go to a class. Nobody can do it in their first class no matter how much they have read before. Just go, feel incompetent and remember everyone else there remembers their first class too. Good luck.

  5. I know exactly what you’re thinking…I think the same kind of stuff. Blogged about it here:

    • Loved it! I’m really, really glad I’m not the only person who thinks about these things. Then again, it’s a rule of the internet: if YOU have had a thought, somebody ELSE probably has…

      Thanks for sharing your writing, Elizabeth, and for making the time to read ours. :)

      Leigh Anne

  6. Reblogged this on Robin Writes and commented:
    Really enjoyed this!

  7. Great post, LAV! We got the “Food in Jars” book as a wedding gift last spring and I can’t get enough of the peach, plum, ginger jam. Ridiculously good and great for gifting. Can’t wait to hear more of your canning adventures.

  8. Hello, I realy enjoy what I have read in your blog. I am from quebec so my english is not too good, I am better at reading or listening english. I will visit you soon. I am a beginner in blog, I am learning alone so it’s take time but while learning I am not thinking . I have myself problems with iimbic brain, I like the idea of give him something to eat lol

    Have a very nice day

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