Little Free Library

While strolling through the wilds of Regent Square last summer, I discovered what looked like a little birdhouse perched on a well-manicured lawn. But the little house was filled with books, and above the door was a sign that read “Little Free Library.” Although my own neighborhood is located near four wonderful libraries (C.C. Mellor, Swissvale, Wilkinsburg, and Squirrel Hill), the idea of a personal lending library in my front yard sounded like a great idea. And so, with a little amateur carpentry and an armful of books:

photo provided by author

photo provided by author

Little Free Library Charter #3059 is open for business in Edgewood!

You can purchase a library already constructed or download blueprints to build your own. We currently have ours covered with lights for the holiday season, but we have plans for a spring remodel if and when the snow finally melts.

Example of the pre-built Little Red British Phone Booth Library

Example of the pre-built Little Red British Phone Booth Library

Our library has been a wonderful way to clear out our overloaded bookshelves, meet some new neighbors, and pass on the joy of reading. We’ve had some anonymous donations of books and magazines as well, left behind by generous passers-by. I’m happy to report that our biggest “movers” are children’s and young adult books.

The Little Free Library organization has, as part of its mission, a goal to build more than 2,510 libraries around the world–more than Andrew Carnegie–and then even more. Happily, the original goal was reached in 2012 with libraries throughout the United States, Germany, Canada, Ghana, Pakistan, Haiti, Lithuania, and many other countries. Interested? Visit their website for information on how you can become your own library director, or donate a library to an underserved community anywhere in the world.

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6 responses to “Little Free Library

  1. A terrific idea. I’ll have to click on your link to find more information about it.

    Do you have any problems with people returning the books to your little library?

  2. chaparroc

    What a Fantastic Idea! Now I know what I can do when I retire: set up my own Little Free Library and be a President and Director!

  3. Reblogged this on Carolina Reverie and commented:
    What an amazing idea! Might have to do this in my neighborhood.

  4. I also discovered a Little Free Library in the middle of large shopping centre in downtown Melbourne, Australia earlier this month. It is based on an honour system of borrowing/replacing books. Such a wonderful idea!

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  6. A friend in Bend, Oregon has a little free library as well. She was featured on the local news:

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