The hopeful, heartbreakingly beautiful, glorious writing of Eduardo Galeano

Eduardo Galeano is often described as “one of Latin America’s most distinguished writers.” That may be true. He IS an award-winning author, and his work has been translated into over twenty-eight languages. What I DO, however, know about Eduardo Galeano’s writing is that it comes about as close to sanctified as I’ve ever read. His style is accessible, yet rich and complex.



What’s more, Galeano has the ability to break me down, deconstruct and dismantle me, and then rebuild me all in the same paragraph. His work tends to explore the connectivity of different people and different groups. Galeano’s writing faces the insanity and brutality that can exist in the world, and looks back with realism that shines through with a hope that fills the heart and a beauty that is at once blinding and eye-opening.


Whether Galeano is writing about politics and social justice, interpersonal relationships, or soccer, his writing is emotive, expressive and touching. Do yourself a favor and check out this fantastic writer. And, yes, dear Eleventh Stack blog reader, these are all available through your very own CLP. Check them out!

galeano mirrors



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4 responses to “The hopeful, heartbreakingly beautiful, glorious writing of Eduardo Galeano

  1. Which one do you recommend reading first?

    • Eric

      Of the ones listed above, I say start with Mirrors. The short pieces are accessible and still give a great sense of Galeano as a writer!

  2. It’s now on my list; thanks!

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