Who else is waiting for the NHL lockout to be resolved?  Everyone, right?  Hockey season is getting a late start and it’s looking bleak for a full season this year.  Hopefully the league and the players can come to a consensus soon, but in the meantime here is a short list of things to do while we wait:

Public domain photo from the National Library of Canada and National Archives of Canada

  1. Play hockey.
  2. Read about hockey.
  3. Watch movies about hockey.
  4. Watch old hockey games.
  5. Come to the library!
  6. Eat.
  7. Learn to dance.
  8. Figure out what a lockout is, anyway.
  9. Scare yourself.
  10. Scare other people.

Any other ideas?



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2 responses to “Lockout

  1. This weather calls for some backyard bonfires and s’mores-making, during which we can talk about hockey!

    Leigh Anne

  2. Haha, I love what you did here. I especially love the guy second to the left, I’ll bet he’s wishing he had brought his jockstrap that day!

    A tip from a Canadian (let’s face it, we’re more deeply affected emotionally by this lockout): don’t follow the NHL analysts on twitter or other social media platforms. They will bore you with their sadness and growing sense of despair and wonderment. Do, however, listen to their advice and go support a local hockey team. They are good, they are cheap, they are fun, yet with all this don’t get nearly the amount of fans to their games. They deserve it more in my books. I personally am supporting the Victoria Royals, one of the junior teams in the Western Hockey League. Who would you support?

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