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Remembering George C. Scott On His Birthday

Renowned American actor George Campbell Scott was born this day in 1927, and while he passed away on September 22, 1999, he lives on through his many excellent works in theater and film.  I’ll take the occasion of Mr. Scott’s birthday to highlight a few of my favorites.

A Christmas Carol — I’ve posted before on this blog and in other forums that George C. Scott’s Scrooge stands as my favorite film or theater adaption of the character.  The whole movie is a joy to watch, and perfect viewing for the coming holiday season.

Dr. Strangelove, Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb — What do you get when you combine a mega-talent like Mr. Scott with an all-time-great director like Stanley Kubrick?  Only one of the best and weirdest anti-war movies ever made!

Patton — This amazing bio-pic takes more than a few liberties with history, but Mr. Scott delivers an Oscar-winning performance as American general George S. Patton.

So, got a favorite George C. Scott performance you want to share?

Sound off!


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