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Your Assistance is Requested

Today’s post is the debut essay from a new Eleventh Stack blogger, Aisha. Please give her a warm Pittsburgh welcome in the comments section.

In late August, I moved to Pittsburgh from Indiana (the state, not the town, which is a distinction I’ve never had to make before). I am mostly thrilled to be here. The thing keeping me from being completely thrilled? The hills. They’re gorgeous to look at, but I’ve spent the majority of my life on flat land so driving on them is like being on a roller coaster ride where I’m the one in charge of making sure I don’t die.

Northern Indiana: it’s flat and very easy to drive around on.
(Photo taken on a very cold morning
from author’s balcony.)

Some of the things I’ve learned in my brief time in Pittsburgh:

One of the advantages of being a librarian is that I have my own personal librarian: me. One of the disadvantages of being a librarian is that my non-librarian friends and family also have their own personal librarian: me. I have been known to yell, “I’m at home! I’m not a librarian at home!” But whenever I need information, I just say, “Self, find it.” (Yes, even if I’m at home.)

Here are some books my own personal librarian found that may help me get used to my new home:

And now, dear reader, is when I ask for your help. What are the quintessential Pittsburgh experiences I should be having? What are your recommendations for things to do or see or eat? Is there a book that perfectly captures Pittsburgh? What’s your favorite CLP program to attend? Is someone willing to teach me how to parallel park?



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