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Spotlight On A Classic: Avengers Annual #10

  I happened to be perusing my comic book collection the other day and I came across one of my copies of the now classic Avengers Annual #10.  Yes, I own two.  You see, you have one for reading, and one…never mind.  Anyway, I firmly believe that this now 31 year old story stands as one of the single best tales of the modern era of comics.

Bearing the evocative title of “By Friends Betrayed,” this story features the creative talents of Chris Claremont (writer), Michael Golden (penciller, colorist), and Armando Gil (inker).  While Mr. Claremont enjoys most of his industry notoriety for his work on the X-Men, he really fires on all cylinders with this story of the Avengers, Marvel’s flagship super-team.  You can find this story beautifully reprinted in the hardcover collection Chris Claremontan assemblage of stories featuring the different stages of this incredibly successful creator’s long career.

Here are four reasons comic book fans should check this story out:

  1. The very first appearance of Rogue.
  2. Michael Golden at the height of his artistic powers.
  3. One of the best superhero slugfests ever scripted or drawn.
  4. Spider-Woman!

Here are four reasons why non-comic book fans might want to check this story out:

  1. Explores themes of loss and betrayal.
  2. Provides a great window into how comics developed in the 1980’s.
  3. Golden and Gil’s awesome artwork “transcends” the medium.
  4. Provides a good starting point for tackling more “modern” graphic novels.

Check back tomorrow for Melissa’s smart and distinctly feminine take on graphic novels!


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