Books and Braaaaaaains

Admitting this will never make me popular, but I actually like Mondays. If you “did” your weekend correctly, your first day back to work should find you wreathed in an invisible bubble of awesome, satisfied with your lot and fortified to take on another week in corporate America. At least, that’s my theory.

For those of you who think my theory belongs in the wastepaper basket, consider this: if you make it through today, you can spend your evening hanging out with interesting people, talking about zombies, and perhaps enjoying a refreshing adult beverage. If that sounds appealing to you, join us for Book Buzz tonight at Remedy in Lawrenceville. where the reading selection on tap, as it were, will be Max Brooks’s World War Z, an extremely detailed examination of what the world might be like ten years into the zombie apocalypse so many of us secretly worry about when we should be updating a spreadsheet. The discussion starts at 7 p.m., and your hosts will be library staff who are fluent in all matters zombie-related – possibly more so than you, so you should definitely go and test their mettle!

Zombies and Pittsburgh go together like chocolate and peanut butter, so if you can’t make the discussion, check out some other brain-muncher picks from the Book Buzz staff. And keep your eye on their blog, as well as our website–you never know what the library staff will dream up next to keep your Mondays interesting.

–Leigh Anne

who frequently thinks about how the desks in her department could be used to barricade the front doors, if necessary


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10 responses to “Books and Braaaaaaains

  1. The problem is that the shelves outside your office are sturdy and easily climbable.

    – Amy

  2. bibliokaren

    I wonder how well we could secure the lecture hall?
    I’d have to get from Lawrenceville –> Oakland, though, and there’s a lot of potential zombies between here and there.

  3. Great to see at least one person feeling bright on a Monday.

  4. you might want to get some Hornady Zombie Max ammo if you haven’t gotten some.

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