Birthday Week Staycation

Every year I always take an entire week off for my birthday. I’m one of those people who love birthdays and a week’s vacation is the perfect way to celebrate. It helps that my birthday falls in May, a very nice time of year weather-wise! I am also a big fan of staycations, partly because of the expense of traveling (I’m very frugal) and because I have an elderly cat that I don’t like to leave alone for long. And, since I’m also a newcomer to Pittsburgh (and I live in the city), I spent the week doing a variety of fun touristy things:

Morning from Mount Washington (author’s photo)

  • Scoped out the May Market
  • Spent a few nights in a rustic state park cabin on the river hiking and relaxing

Clarion River (author’s photo)

The Duchess approaches (author’s photo)

As you can see, I didn’t have to leave the state (or spend a lot of money) to have a nice vacation. How about you? Have you ever taken a staycation? Try it sometime and be a tourist in your hometown.

~Maria, who is extremely well-rested


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2 responses to “Birthday Week Staycation

  1. Maria Elena Murguia

    I will try this year to take a stayvacation.. Oh, I forgot, I’m retired I’m on vacation all year round, just teasing. Thanks for some great insights.

  2. Ruth

    Nice sounding vacation. Sometimes we look so forward to going away that we forget what our own areas have to offer us. Glad you enjoyed it so much!

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