Whooping it up

Photo from official P&R website at: http://www.nbc.com/parks-and-recreation

Into every life a little rain must fall. We all get a little down sometimes, and we all have our own way of dealing with the blues. Some people turn to sad songs and comfort food, while other (more proactive types) get out and do things for other people or exercise. I’ll never turn down the comfort of a delicious cheese sandwich, but my own method for dealing with the sads is just to watch (and listen to) a whole lot of dumb comedy. Currently my go-to show is Parks & Recreation, which has been pretty unstoppable lately. The library also has a ton of other comedy available for check out if P&R is not quite your style. Behold, we have:

Sketch comedy

Stand-Up Comedy

Television comedies

British television comedies

Ridiculous movies

Comedy albums

After all, even with the grayness outside lately, it’s hard not to smile at comedy gems like this:

How about you? Do you have a favorite genre or activity you turn to when you’re feeling under the weather?

– Tara


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7 responses to “Whooping it up

  1. I usually just mope around and accomplish nothing… I think I need a better plan.

  2. ZZMike

    I can almost never watch a movie a second time (rare exceptions). Comedy is another matter.

    If you haven’t seen the Ernie Kovacs show, it’s a must. It’s a perfect matching of cerebral comedy with the rubber-chicken variety. For the British-inclined, look for The Best of… What’s Left of… Not Only… But Also…

    The BBC is a gold-mine. Some I remember (from the Old Days): “Waiting for God”, “To the Manor Born”, “The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin” (the last 2 on Netflix)

    For me, there’s almost nothing better than a good dose of Marx Brothers movies.

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