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May The 4th Be With You!

Today (May 4th) marks Star Wars Day! Yes, a while back some ardent fans got together and decided that this clever play on words would make an excellent day upon which to honor the seminal works of George Lucas. Many people hold very strong opinions on Mr. Lucas’ prequel trilogy films, and I am among them, but in the interest of civility on this august day, I will simply state that they were not to my liking and move on.

   The Star Wars marketing juggernaut has spawned a host of side stories and products in dozens of different formats. Check them out in the catalog here. I am quite partial to the Dark Horse Omnibus edition that collects the first twenty-seven issues of the old Marvel Comics Star Wars series.  This post may jog your memory and cause you to dig out some of your old Star Wars stuff.  If so you might also want to check out Stephen Sansweet’s excellent book  entitled Star Wars : 1,000 Collectibles : Memorabilia And Stories From A Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Setting all feelings of Nerd Rage on the prequels aside, sci-fi fans do owe Mr. Lucas and his formidable franchise a huge thank you for so many years of amazing entertainment.  I’ve come a long way from the halcyon days of 1978 and standing in line outside of old Mt. Oliver Theater waiting for my chance to see movie magic.  I’ve consumed a lot of Star Wars product during that time, and while not all of it was great, much of it was, and it served to stoke the fires of my imagination and make me the sci-fi fan I am today.

So if you’ve got any Star Wars favorites please share them in the comments section!  And may the 4th, er, the Force, be with you!



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