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This Reader Abhors A Vacuum

Even with a reader as slow as I am, it was bound to happen.  I finished the latest book in George R. R. Martin’s Song Of Ice And Fire series, A Dance With Dragons.   I know he’s got a novella that acts as a prequel of sorts to the Song Of Ice And Fire  called The Bastard Stepchild. It’s available in this collection, and I am working on getting hold of a copy.  But after reading the 1,090 page fifth book, that novella won’t hold me long.  So what next?

I’m a habitual genre fiction reader–anything fantasy, science fiction, pulps, etc.  Now that I stand with most other Martin fans awaiting an uncertain release date for book six in the series, I need to find a new huckleberry.  I was talking with a colleague, and we uncovered a huge hole in my geek-reading résumé:  Stephen King’s Dark Tower series!

Now I could get that snazzy collection, but I decided to go the electronic route and read them one at a time through the library’s Overdrive service.  So I’ve got The Gunslinger on my Sony Reader Wi-Fi and I am really enjoying it so far.  Patiently waiting for Winds of Winter to arrive will not be easy, but Mr. King should help ease the pain at least a bit.



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