I (Somewhat) Hate Being Irish

Perhaps the only holiday I dislike as much as Christmas is St. Patrick’s Day.  I also loathe being Irish.  That’s right.  Amongst other things, I have little pride in my ancestors’ alcoholism, bad skin, belligerence, and boiled potato cuisine.

But what is perhaps best about public libraries is that they are places to be easily introduced to different cultures and to overcome one’s prejudice.  So on March 17th, instead of being outside watching some hooligan in a green hat vomit on the sidewalk, I’ll be working at the library amidst some of the wondrous things that Ireland and the Irish have to offer.  For instance:

  • Though William Butler Yeats (born in Sandymount, Ireland in 1865) made forays into mysticism that got a bit ridiculous, I love his poem “The Lake Isle of Innisfree.”
  • The books and plays by brilliant, witty Oscar Wilde (born in Dublin, Ireland in 1854) have at least one quotable line on every single page.  I just re-read The Picture of Dorian Gray a couple of months ago and I also drove around listening twice in a row to an audio recording of The Importance of Being Earnest without realizing that it featured the guy who played Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Oh, Irish music.  I don’t care for most jigs and reels and pub sing-a-longs.  I also don’t know why people (including lots of ex-skinheads) like The Pogues and their thoroughly unappealing sounding frontman, Shane McGowan, so much.  What I do think the Irish are great at, though, are the sentimental songs like “Galway Bay” that long for home.
  • You might know him from Bridesmaids, but I love Irish actor Chris O’Dowd and his accent in the comedy series The IT Crowd.
  • Why would one sit in a pub when surrounded by fabulously green hills, harsh but beautiful coastline, and ancient, mysterious stone structures?  Until I actually go visit Ireland myself (and I will soon!), I’ll be thumbing through books with lots of pictures of it.

— Tim O’Tim McTim


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8 responses to “I (Somewhat) Hate Being Irish

  1. Kristine

    Thank you for entertaining me this morning! You are hilarious!

  2. Maria

    Loved your post today; it made me smile.

  3. R

    your “bad skin” link gave me a laugh…my father-in-law who is of Irish ancestry and loves the beach has had skin cancer twice…

  4. Sheila Jackson

    Tim, me boyo
    Please take the time to look at this series, “Ballykissangel”, available on DVD at libraries all over the County. You will learn to love watching the contemporary Irish in all their glory, for good and ill, joy and sorrow, and a few laughs at the pub. It’s a fine time and you will come to a better understanding of those folks a bit.


    • Don

      While we Irish aren’t always polite in a disagreement – yes, there are Ballingers and Kanes in the ol’ family tree – I must say the Pogues, well, you may not understand it, but they are just the best at what they did (do).

      Just don’t ask we what that was.

      Someone just had to represent here, so please consider this your knee jerk response. Great post, Tim (I must admit, I’m still trying to be a little ridiculous like Mr. Yeats).

      Oh, Chris O’Dowd rules!


      PS “Pot Luck: Potato Recipes from Ireland” is currently out with a hold. Hmn, you’re a clever lad, linking your images like that …

  5. mcgee

    Don’t say that you don’t like it that’s who makes you who you are so live with it cause we all do!!!!and yeah I’m irish and I love it

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