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Hey everybody! Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s early on this brisk Tuesday and you’re no doubt out and about making things happen. I’m just back from a walk with Jake (my dog) and let me tell you something, we both had a little extra spring in our steps. And why shouldn’t we? It is the most magical day of the year and love was flying around everywhere out there. Anything seems possible in this bold new frontier of romantic endeavors. So, why don’t I give you a little tour of some of the things that I find particularly romantic? Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you my


10. Sleepy Brown’s “Me and My Baby and My Cadillac” – This song takes the chorus of “Maybe Tomorrow” and compresses it down into the smoothest of smooth and you can’t help but slide along with it.

9.  Crocodile Dundee in its Entirety – I won’t  tell you how many times I watched my VHS dubbed from television copy of this movie (112 times). I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SUE CHARLTON!

8.  Sufjan Stevens’ Greetings from Michigan – An album made to hold hands to. Don’t believe me? Give it a try.

7.  April and Andy’s Relationship on Parks and Recreation – Most times it’s pretty lame when television show characters marry one another, but they somehow manage pull it off.  With the addition of Champion, their three-legged dog, they’ve become a comedy powerhouse that manages to sneak in some genuinely sweet moments.

6.   Serge Gainsbourg’s “Je t’aime– moi non plus (with Jane Birkin)” – I have absolutely no idea what they are saying to one another, but I will tell you this, it sounds pretty romantic albeit slightly obscene.

5. Anakin and Padme’s Time on Naboo – Yeah right. It’s like Lucas was putting together a video webinar on how to bludgeon a romantic scene to death with awkward postures and stilted conversations.. A+ George. A+

4.   The Beach Scene from Wristcutters: A Love Story – After an insanely romantic evening spent enjoying the ocean, Zia and Mikel are scolded the next morning by when Kneller points out that they have been sleeping on broken hypodermic needles.

3. The Taxi Cab Scene from Lost in Translation – Cannot beat being washed over by My Bloody Valentine’s “Sometimes” while Bill Murray sleeps and Scarlett Johansson watches the scenery pass her by, in her face the reflection of the Tokyo skyline.

2. The Dual Pistol Death Scene from Inglourious Basterds – After several failed attempts at wooing Shosanna, Frederick decides to get to physical. Shosanna defends herself with a pistol and is in turn shot by Frederick. They both die together on the floor almost-but-not-quite touching and Tarrantino flashes the great big neon sign of symbolism.

1. Tom Waits’ “All the World is Green” – No one can bring the old regrets out of the stomach quite like this guy can. Thank you Tom for summing up my late twenties so succinctly.

And there you have it.

What is on your list of romantic things? Or are you too tough for romance?



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