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Accidental Party Planner, or Fish Nets Also Help Create a Decorative Mood

Next month I will be hosting a baby shower for one of my bestest pals, and since I’ve never done such a thing before, I figured that I could use some guidance. So of course, I did what any clever person (or any average librarian) would do, and visited the library! Yes, I know that it’s a cop-out (since I work here and all), but I did find some useful stuff.



“But Amy!” you may be clamoring. “We’re not here to read about baby showers. Baby showers are lame. We want to know about fish nets!”

Well, here you go.  Fish nets. This is from page 111 of Showers and Parties for All Occasions by Carlson Wade, published in 1972.

Got a pending entertainment crisis in your life? Just remember, the library has books for all occasions.

– Amy

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