eBooks roasting on an open fire….

Having trouble choosing the right eBook format? Click on the teeny pictures for a step-by-step guide to checking out an OverDrive ePub eBook. And remember, if you do happen to get snowed in this winter – burn* your paperbacks first. If you burn your eReader, your house will smell like charred plastic for weeks.

– Amy

* No, not really. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh does not condone book burning. Especially not library book burning.


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4 responses to “eBooks roasting on an open fire….

  1. For the clever eBook reader (the person, not the gadget), there are many ways to convert one form to another. Yes, I’m hooked on Kindle, but that is mostly because of the quality of the reader (I’ve owned two other brands), the quickness of purchasing, the ease of carrying, and battery life.

    That said, I’ve also been able to convert my “own” books to .mobi format (Kindle ready) including personal work and ebooks found elsewhere.

    I guess for many it’s a toss-up. I’ve heard that Kindle is looking at book loaning as well, by the way.

    Hope I’m not off topic here.

    • Nope, you’re fine. As long as we’re not sharing file conversion secrets, all is well!

      I have a Kobo WiFi (mainly because I got a great price at at a Borders clearance sale) – even though I don’t use it much, just playing with it has taught me a lot about ereaders, and that has been really helpful at work.

      Thanks for commenting.

      – Amy

  2. Kristen

    I am getting an eReader for Christmas (still deciding what kind!). Will you be holding any seminars soon on devices and borrowing? I would love to attend one! I have so far failed at downloading books on my Macbook even after reading multiple tutorials — disappointing!

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