Happy Birthday, Robert Jordan!

Although he sadly passed away too soon in 2007, we should still take a moment to acknowledge the birthday of fantasy author Robert Jordan (October 17, 1948 – September 16, 2007).  His Wheel of Time series has been a perennial best-seller on the New York times book list, and his intricate stories and engrossing characters have forever established him as one of America’s most prodigious and prolific contributors to the fantasy genre.

Although Mr. Jordan has passed on, his wife and other contributors have continued The Wheel of Time series, driving it toward its eventual conclusion using his copious plot notes.  Folks interested in epic level fantasy with high-powered magic and plenty of action might want to give The Eye of the World a shot.  If you like this first book in The Wheel of Time series and don’t mind the sometimes meandering story and occasional dangling plot hooks, you’ll likely find the rest of the series to your liking!

Prior to his own epic series, Mr. Jordan earned acclaim for three excellent Conan novels.  CLP owns a collected edition of these three books.

Despite his untimely death, Mr. Jordan’s legacy of hard work lives on in his stories.  Happy Birthday, Robert Jordan!


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