what’s that word??

To have a conversation with me lately is like playing charades. I start a sentence such as, “Would you order me two . . . whatsits?”  Then this game follows. “What’s the word for the round thing you put stuff in and write an address on and the people in the blue-grey shorts deliver it, and you use it so that your whatchamacallit doesn’t get bent?” And then, if you’re as good as my colleagues are at guessing what I’m talking about, I say, “Yes!  A mailing tube!  Thank you! That’s what they’re called.” I’m sure it’s very rewarding.

As someone who really enjoys words and aspires to have an extensive vocabulary, I keep reminding myself that it’s only temporary. I hope. If this continues for too long, I may find myself looking for these titles:

10 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary 10 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary, by the Princeton Language Institute and Tom Nash

Quick Vocabulary PowerQuick Vocabulary Power: A Self-teaching Guide, by Jack S. Romine and Henry Ehrlich

100 Words Every Word Lover Should Know100 Words Every Word Lover Should Know, by the editors of the American Heritage dictionaries

Better Word PowerBetter Wordpower, by Janet Whitcut.

More Words You Should KnowMore Words You Should Know, by Michelle Bevilacqua.

Smart WordsSmart Words: Vocabulary for the Erudite, and Those Who Wish to Be, by Mim Harrison.

Vocabulary SuccessThe Vocabulary of Success: 403 Words Smart People Should Know, by C. Edward Good.

Word NerdWord Nerd, by Barbara Ann Kipfer.

Wish me word luck. Or would that be brain luck? 

– Kaarin

p.s.  I realize after re-reading this post that it’s not like charades at all, but rather like Taboo, or possibly some other board game that I can’t think of at the moment.


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2 responses to “what’s that word??

  1. Don

    Good luck it is!

  2. lizzy

    I am currently enjoying a little tome called “How to Write a Sentence” (Stanley Fish) which is a great take on giving words meaning and why structure is important (and actually helps creativity).

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