By the Cover, Part 2: Fun with the Pittsburgh LP collection

A few of the items available in the Pittsburgh LP collection.

In the past I’ve declared my love for clever and interesting book cover art, but today I’m turning my attention towards the art of the album cover. I was recently digging around in CLP’s special Pittsburgh LP Collection, and came across some real gems. In case you’re unfamiliar with the collection, the LP Collection is just one of many Pittsburgh specific  music resources available in the Music, Film & Audio Department.

The Pittsburgh LP collection consists of vinyl records featuring musicians, musical groups and composers from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region. It also includes 45 rpm recordings. All of these items can also be found by searching our online catalog. Even better: if you come and browse the collection, you are welcome to listen to any of the records here in the library, and some of them are even available for check out.

A few choice covers I came across recently:

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Apparently the moon’s drink of choice is Iron City–who knew?

Happy Friday,

[Note: All images were supplied by the poster and are intended for educational purposes only. Any reproduction or distribution may violate copyright law.]

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One response to “By the Cover, Part 2: Fun with the Pittsburgh LP collection

  1. Taira

    The “Convent Choirs of America” cover is pretty amazing. Thanks, Tara.

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