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Witches and Gods

I recently read a book called The Witches of East End that took the current trend for all things supernatural in a slightly different, and unexpected, direction.  You might be familiar with the book’s author, Melissa de la Cruz, as the writer of the series Blue Bloods, which is kind of what you’d get if you crossed Gossip Girl with vampire stories. An unbeatable combination, right?  And yet her adult novel, which draws heavily on Norse mythology, was even more engaging than her teen series. The fact that the mythology on which the characters are based wasn’t revealed immediately only made the book more interesting, in my opinion, and it also led me to poke around our mythology section a bit.  If stories of love, jealousy, quests,betrayal, war, and passion are your thing, the mythology section is defnitely an area of the library you want to check out.  A few books to get you started might be:

Myths of the Norseman: From the Eddas and the Sagas: Thanks to de la Cruz’s book, I’m now fairly obsessed with Norse mythology.  This is among several books we have that tells these ancient stories. 

Bulfinch’s Mythology: Bulfinch may have the definitive books on mythology.  His books on Greek and Roman mythology are classics for a reason.   

Dictionary of Gods and Goddesses: Not sure which culture’s mythology to start with?  This explores the gods and goddesses of various past (and present) religions and mythologies. 

The Encyclopedia of Eastern Mythology: Legends of the East: Myths and Tales of the Heroes, Gods, and Warriors of Ancient Egypt, Arabia, Persia, India, Tibet, China and Japan: Greek and Roman mythology is often what comes to mind first, but the far east has more than its share of classic stories. 

Every culture has its own mythology and we’ve got books on most of them!  If you’re looking for something you don’t see here, try searching our catalog for the subject heading “Mythology,” followed by the name of the country you’re interested in.  And of course if you can’t find it in our catalog, ask one of us! 



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