ebook help as bad short poetry

We library types are often asked to help customers solve their ebook problems. But after a while, we find ourselves saying the same things over and over again. So why not deliver the message in a new medium?

do not install
Adobe Digital Editions onto your nook
that way madness lies.

inexplicable error message
not so inexplicable
if you Google it.

while an ereader is a portable device,
it is not a “portable device.”
yeah, i know.

it’s not yet a paperless society, despite what they say.
and it’s not a wireless society, either.
where did you put your USB cable?

user not authorized
don’t blame your nook
that one’s Adobe’s fault.

The OverDrive Media Console goes on your computer.
The OverDrive Media Console application goes on your phone.
Of course they would have the same name.

My paperback book
is worth just as much as your fancy iPad
if we drop them both in the pool.

Still need help with your OverDrive ebooks? Drop us a line. Poetry is optional.

– Amy


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8 responses to “ebook help as bad short poetry

  1. Tanya

    That’s great! =D

  2. Rick

    In case anyone needs more help with their poetry than their e-reader, here’s something else to check out:


  3. Joelle

    Awesome! Best blogpost ever

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