Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Every year when spring approaches, I begin to daydream of warmer weather, longer days, and summer vacation.  Then I remember that I’m a grownup and don’t really get a summer vacation any more (this has been the most difficult lesson of my adult life).  So like most people, I begin to pine for vacation and begin to think about where I should go this year.  A national park?  A sunny beach?   I tend to be a huge planner, not to mention a huge reader, so I usually peruse a few books to help me decide.  Rather than recommend specific books, I thought I’d suggest a few subject areas that might be helpful to browse:

  • North America Guidebooks:  This is where you’ll find all kinds of books on getaways and vacations in, you guessed it, North America.  Trips to take with friends, the best cities to visit, and wildlife watching guides are among the selections that fall under this subject heading. 
  • Travel– Guidebooks: Much like the above subject heading, books here will cover just about everything, but under this heading you won’t be limited to North America. 
  •  Visitors, Foreign [+ name of country]: If you plan on traveling to another country, and would like to be mistaken for a native, this is the place to look.  This is where to find books that will teach you about the etiquette and customs of different countries.
  • People With Disabilities– Travel: This is a much smaller subject area, but I thought it was worth pointing out for those who might not know that we have books on the topic.  This is where you can find information on accessible vacation spots, planning tips, and general travel information for those with a disability. 
  • Family Recreation: This subject heading encompasses everything from travelling with children to activities to do at home- perfect if you’re planning a staycation

Do you have any favorite travel books or travel tips? 



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2 responses to “Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

  1. Nonsense; EVERYONE deserves a summer vacation, no matter how old you are. So start planning it now! :)

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