Movies with a Boston Accent

Perhaps the best and most prominent part of the movie Fargo is its characters’ heavy north-midwestern accents. I remember walking out of the theater saying that someone should do a movie like that with Pittsburgh’s unique pronunciation and dialect.  I’m still waiting.

But while I’m waiting, I’ve been enjoying wicked good movies that showcase thick Bostonian accents.  These flicks focus on working class folk from the Boston area that’s seemingly separate from the city’s dozens of universities and colleges.  Here are some that I saw and liked:

The Fighter (2010)

Gone Baby Gone (2007)

The Departed (2006)

Good Will Hunting (1997)

Okay, film buffs, what are some other Beantown movies that I should see?

And for you aspiring actors, or if you just like to do impressions, the library has the Boston edition of the Acting with an Accent series.  (This is to be distinguished from the editions teaching the “Down East” New England accent and the upper class “Kennedy-esque” accent.)

— Tim


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3 responses to “Movies with a Boston Accent

  1. Rebekah

    “Mystic River” is a good one. Clint even wrote the soundtrack! Though I have not seen it, I also hear good things about “The Town,” directed by Ben Affleck who also directed “Gone Baby Gone.”

    • Kirby

      “The Town” deserves the praise. It’s got terrific Boston accents and Boston attitude, a gritty storyline plus — best of all — these positively hair-raising car chase scenes shot in the alleyways of Charlestown. A real rush!

  2. Mary Long

    The Verdict, Friends of Eddie Coyle, Next Stop Wonderland, Monument Avenue, and The Departed — all good!


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